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What you need to make a complaint

When making a complaint, it is helpful to have:

  • the vehicle registration number of the taxi or private hire vehicle (printed on the number plate or disc)
  • taxi or private hire vehicle licence number
  • taxi driver’s badge number (normally shown on their badge) or private hire vehicle operating firm name
  • You the need to contact the Local council or the Local Police

Travelling by Airport transfer taxi, limo minibus or minicab is generally very safe, but it is important to take sensible precautions, like making sure the vehicle is licensed. Find out what you can do to stay safe.

We do realise that Airport Transfers Yorkshire may not be your choice to use for an Airport Transfer Service but you do need to take a few moments to read this page.

The Airport transfer business via the internet is growing in the UK and almost overnight many companies are springing up to offer you this service.
This means you have lots of companies all trying to sell you a service but is the price you see really the price you are paying?.

With about 90% of these other companies IT IS NOT!

The favorite trick of some of these companies at the moment is to tell you the basic price for instance Manchester to Leeds from only £45:00 this seems to be cheaper than we can do it for well look again at the web sites and look closely at the small print (usually a slightly darker shade than the background) they have little extras they don't want to shout about for instance most charge an incoming flight surcharge of up to £10:00 (Why? why does it cost more to get from the Airport than it does to it? its the same distance!).

Of course another reason why some companies are cheaper than us is the fact that they are NOT Licensed by the Authorities so use these companies at your own peril they are operating illegally.

Then look out for any waiting time charges most charge about £15:00 per hour and on many occasions we have heard of people being charged hourly from the time the flight is scheduled to land rather than the time it actually lands if your flight is late by a couple of hours that's an extra £30:00 added on.

Also look out for "All car parking fees must be paid" again Why? if the company knew their business they would get their driver to the arrivals gate at about the same time as the customer thus avoiding long car park charges and the maximum charge for 35 mins parking at the most expensive Airport is only £3:80.

Also look out for different rates IE only £55:00 from Manchester but £38:00 to go to Manchester its the same distance if you are coming or going!.

Others say from the Airport to a city point for a fixed price well this is usually the City boundary, which can be a few miles from the Centrex, and if your journey doesn't terminate in the boundary area then they will add extra charges for that as well some even charge you extra for going on a motorway.

We do not charge an incoming flight surcharge because we monitor all incoming flights from our offices we know if your flight is late so we only send the driver when we need to so that you don't have pay waiting time.

We do not charge late night or weekend surcharges we do not increase our prices by 50% on UK public holidays as other companies do
Our prices don't change depending whether you are going or coming from the Airport its the same rate both ways and we go anywhere in greater London for that price not just the bit in the middle.

All this being said there are some tourists that just cannot get it right we warn people time and time again about the luggage space of a UK saloon (Sedan) car and yet they still book a car for 4 people with 8 or 9 large suitcases in the hope it will fit we once even had a family turn up with Ski's and 5 Snow boards and 5 people and all they booked was a standard car.

we refused to carry them and they had to pay out over £195:00 to get themselves and their excessive luggage to their hotel all this because they tried to save £5:00 by not booking a larger car.

If you don't use us then for own safety check the company you are using is licence.

If you choose to use a company that isn't Licence then you have no redress against that company in any way and you have no way of knowing if those drivers are insured for the carriage of passengers don't be fooled by someone who says they are licenced ask for their number and even take the time to check with the Local authority they tell you they are registered with, it really is in your own interest to ensure this In fact.

It is important to note that ANY car service that carries fare paying passengers MUST be licensed there are NO exceptions to this at all
here are some of the tricks and excuses our some of our competitors get up to.

  • We don't need a licence because we are a chauffeur company (WRONG!!!! All car services that carry fare paying passengers HAVE to be licensed and they HAVE to be licensed under their trading name so if Fred's car service tell you they are licensed and give you a number to check and it comes up as Johns car service then they are NOT licensed)
  • We have a licence but not under our trading name (WRONG!!!! we are trading as Fred's Cars and that's exactly what should be on their licence its the same for anyone else)
  • We are a booking agency we don't need a Licence (WRONG!!! the law is quite specific ANYONE who takes a Booking needs an operators licence issued by the local authorities, ask)
  • We are not based in Manchester so we don't need a Licence (WRONG!!! all car services in the UK have to be licensed if they are not based in Manchester they need a Licence from their Local council)
  • We have applied for a licence (WRONG!!!! you cannot TRADE without having a licence or a temporary permit)
  • I am an owner-operator its only companies that need to be licensed (WRONG!!! anyone who accepts a Booking must be licensed)
  • Web sites that DONT give you any other contact details other than a phone number or an email address this usually means that they are trying to hide who and where they are from you
  • Anyone that uses the words "TAXI" "CAB" or "CABS" in their advertising whatever medium including the Internet URL's and Domain names this is Illegal unless like us they can and do offer bookings for Licensed Manchester TAXI's

Of course we could just be spinning you a yarn to try and get you to use us if you have any doubts Go Here and you can see a full Copy of the Private Hire vehicles operators act 1998 this is UK Law and this link will take you through to Her Majesties Stationery office who publish all UK legislation

Again we stress for your own safety and piece of mind you check the London based company you are going to use is licensed NOW check the company you are planning to use if they are NOT licensed do not touch them in any way.

You could leave it and wait for something to go wrong to find out if they are legal and insured.



Sorry for the doom and gloom, but the situation is getting worse in the UK


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